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Hello! I’m Priya Basil


Business Women and a Proud Nursing Exam
Review provider.
Toronto, Canada


Founder & CEO of Modern Tech Nursing
2001-Ongoing, Toronto, Canada
A former RN from 2001-2016


Masters in Health Administration
Bachelors Degree in Nursing


Founder of Modern tech Nursing,Chairman of Enviro world corp.,Board of Director of Kait & Kady Properties Ltd.,and
CEO of Modern Tech World LTD.
The Best Review provider
Taught more than 16,000 Nursing students, Published 4 review books for modern Tech Nursing.
Published review material for Modern tech Nursing.
Helping 1000s of students annually for their
nursing related issues
Inspiring Young women’s in Nursing Education.


A. Spending time in prayers
B. Spending time with my Husband and children.
C. Publicly resolving the nursing student’s issues
D. Teaching, coaching and preparing nursing
students for their Licensing Exam.
E. Showing employees their work has meaning.

She is a Mentor

She has instilled confidence and guided more than thousands of nursing students across Canada to overcome exam fear, negative attitude, memory problems and other exam related issues. She is also an expert in counselling nursing exam students and has been featured in top Examination Review centre where she has given students guidance through examination review tips.

Her mission for Modern Tech Nursing is

 To create an excellent competitive environment in student community by virtue of imparting qualitative education with consolidated strategy and scientific approach to produce proficient professionals. We have led an educational movement, which is dedicated to the modest cause of helping students across the country to make them succeed in their professional career like nursing that offer infinite dignity in personal and professional life.

Her Speciality with Nursing Exam Review

After working with numerous Nursing students, she has a good filter for who can succeed with the tools she teaches and what can be done to make you all fit in her Umbrella If she feels you are a perfect fit to work with her, she can’t wait to meet you on our class! She Is a  problem solver for nursing students


My Promise to you

If you don’t give up on yourself and on your nursing exam, I won’t give up on you. If you show up and do everything that’s in your power, I’ll go above and beyond to help you pass.

I’ll go into every session rooting for you to be well prepared for your exam, but I’ll be also rooting for your entire life.

I’m rooting for you to win in life, not just your Nursing Exam.

If you want someone in your corner believing that you can do this, encouraging you, supporting you and reminding you of your brilliance, I want to help you have Your Best Result.

Happy Students About Me


Wow!!! where to start from, my experience here at Modern Tech Nursing is beyond impeccable. Priya is the wisest person I've ever met, from guiding me to what path I should choose till getting my RN licence she has supported me all through my think and thins. She not only is helpful but ensures all the students are equally getting her attention. To add further the staffs are always on their toes to make the requirements available on time for their students. I owe my success to Modern Tech Nursing. Priya is not only experienced but has some top notch teaching skills. I've been to many other institutes which proved to be worthless going. I will strongly recommend this place to all the to be nurses for quality review course. Once again thank you so much Priya for being by my side, love you from the bottom of my heart

Thank You Priya and Modern Tech Nursing. I am happy because i passed my RN exam and definitely i would like to give entire credits to Priya , i was lost when i came to you and you changed me and changed my life.Me and my whole family is very thankful.I will recommend modern tech Nursing review center to everyone who is looking for nursing exam review. I am a proud RN in Ontario.

Thankx to Priya ma’am and entire team of Modern tech Nursing, I passed my RPN exam by their effective way of teaching and I liked her way to command the students for worthwhile learning. All staff members are very nice and cooperative. I strongly recommend this institution for good results👍🏻. She helps to every student and solve their problems too. I m again thankful ma’am . Thanku so much

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To become an RPN (registered practical nurse)

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