How to Prepare for Your Nursing Jurisprudence Exam

While the jurisprudence exam is considered ‘open book’, many students struggle to pass. This is because an ‘open book’ exam still requires an excellent understanding of core topics and concepts. If you sit for the exam without good preparation, you’ll be flustered.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through three tips to prepare for your upcoming nursing jurisprudence exam like a seasoned pro. If you want to become a nurse in Canada, use these tips to speedily achieve your dreams without any hiccups.

1. Begin Early

Many aspiring nurses take the jurisprudence exam lightly. This is one of the biggest nursing faux pas you can make. Don’t underestimate the complexity of the exam. We recommend getting a head start so you can breeze through the exam without panicking.

You can access hundreds of resources for the jurisprudence exam. However, most of these resources lack quality and comprehensiveness. Consult an experienced jurisprudence exam expert to get access to the best tools.

You’ll be able to cover all the relevant topics in an organized manner. Once you’re familiar with the subjects, you can quickly open the relevant tabs during your exam.

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2. Identify Your Weaknesses

an aspiring nurse identifying her nursing exam weaknesses

Are there certain areas you struggle with? Every aspiring nurse has some weak points. Instead of sweeping them under the rug, identify your shortcomings and carefully address them one by one.

As you sit for your exam, you should also create a separate file with all the topics that are difficult for you. Having quick access to these topics will help you tackle them with ease and in a timely manner.

If you’re having trouble identifying your weak points, work with a jurisprudence exam advisor. They’ll ask you some questions to discover your strengths and weaknesses. As you hone the strengths and work on the weaknesses, you’ll ace your jurisprudence exam.

3. Don’t Use the Resources for Every Question

You don’t have all day to complete the exam; you’re working with a tight time limit. Avoid checking your resources for every question. This will waste a lot of time, and you’ll end up missing a few questions.

You get roughly one minute for every question; don’t take longer than this. This is why you should have a good grasp of the core topics and concepts. You should ideally only consult your resources for tricky, complex, and confusing questions.

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