To become an RN (registered nurse)
To become an RN (registered nurse)

To become an RN (registered nurse):

The NCLEX RN Exam (Registered Nurse Exam) is the national registered nurse licensing examination that every graduate needs to pass out to be licensed. The Canadian NCLEX-RN examination is a computerized exam that is comprised of several multiple-choice questions. The RN exam meets a wide range of nursing care needs and teaches health concerns to the graduates. It also assesses the capability of a nurse to plan care for highly complex patients. In order to become a nurse in Canada, procuring a 3-year nursing degree is essential.

Program overview:

The Modern tech Nursing NCLEX, Priya Basil designed RN Preparation Program and it has been designed for Canadian nursing graduates and also, for the international nurses who wish to become a Canadian Registered Nurse (RN). Following the completion of this preparation program, students will be prepared to take the NCLEX-RN Examination for being a registered nurse. Modern Tech Nursing prepares more than 600 students nationwide every year.

Program Length: Approximately 1-2 months

Study Plan: 12 follow ups+24 class Lectures + 6Mock exams and 1: 1 discussion with Priya Basil

Tuition Fees: Your Total Course fee will cover your all three attempts. Some additional charges may be applicable.