OSCE Review
OSCE Review

OSCE Review (Objective Structured Clinical Examination):

An OSCE, or Objective Structured Clinical Examination, is an assessment tool that gives applicants a chance to demonstrate their nursing knowledge, judgment and skills in a clinical setting.

In the OSCE the applicants rotate between different medical stations in which they interact with patients, suffering from different kinds of injuries or symptoms of chronic diseases. At the start of each station, nurses receive a brief written statement that explains the situation and indicates the task that must be completed within the given time. Finally, an examiner asks two to three questions about the case, while an additional assessor takes notes in a separate room. This test contains a written test too.

Program Overview:

The Modern  tech Nursing  OSCE Preparation Program was designed for the nursing students or nurses who wish to get the eligibility to write NCLEX-RN  Exam in Canada. Following the completion of this preparation program, students will be more prepared to take OSCE Examination. Modern Tech Nursing prepares more than 60 students nation wide every year.

Program Length: Approximately 1-2 months

Study Plan:  8 Class Lectures + station practice   and 1: 1 discussion with priya Basil