To become an RPN (registered practical nurse)
To become an RPN (registered practical nurse)

REx-PN Review

What is the REx-PN Exam?

The REX-PN refers to the regulatory exams required by nursing graduates to become a practical nurse in Canada. The exam and its contents are primarily designed for students enrolled in or graduated from the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) and the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). Today, all nursing graduates are required to take the REx-PN exam to acquire the registration and licence to practice as a registered and practical nurse in Canada who specializes and has command over the latest nursing practices in the country.

The REx-PN serves as the practical nurse licensing examination in Canada. This regulatory exam to become a practical nurse is a computerized exam consisting of multiple-choice questions, multiple response questions, and fill-in-the-blank calculations. While all students will be given 4 hours to complete the exam, it’ll essentially take them up to 90 seconds to answer each question. All nurses who have graduated with a four-year BSN degree and a master’s or doctorate degree are eligible to take this exam.

It’s crucial to register for the REx-PN to take the exam and become a practical nurse. This requires you to apply with the regulatory body in either British Columbia or Ontario, depending on the province you’re from.

All in all, this is the latest exam that’s perfectly in line with the Canadian nursing practices, allowing nursing students to show their commitment and competency to become a professional practical nurse with substantial knowledge and expertise in their field. At Modern Tech, you can count on us to prepare you for this exam through the best REx-PN review course.

Program Overview

Priya Basil designed the Modern Tech Nursing REx-PN Preparation Program for the dedicated Canadian nursing graduates who have worked hard to get a nursing degree and have the desire to become Practical Nurse in Canada. The REx-PN review course will ensure that all students are well-prepared to wisely take their REx-PN exam and pass it within their first attempt. Modern Tech Nursing is known for doing its best to prepare nursing graduates regardless of the nursing exam they’re about to take.

Thorough REx-PN Practice Exams

Our REx-PN review course consists of the best REx-PN study plans and resources for optimal preparation. This includes the REx-PN practice exam, along with other course materials, practical demonstrations, highly engaging lectures, and one-on-one attention by teachers.

Program Length

Approximately two months.

Study Plan

4 follow ups+ 21 Class Lectures + 6 Mock exams and 1: 1 discussion with Priya Basil

Tuition Fee

Your Total Course fee will cover your REx-PN attempts. Some additional charges may be applicable