3 Tips for Aspiring Nurses Who Are Preparing for Their Career

To become a nurse in Canada is but the first step in a long journey towards learning the ropes, adjusting to real-life patients, and earning the respect of on-call doctors. You may know the best way to study for nursing school, but passing that all-important licensing exam is a whole other ballgame.

Here are a few pointers for nurses hoping to pursue a serious nursing career.

1.    Be Inquisitive

As a nurse, you’re supposed to document and update patient records without missing any details. A task like this would be tricky if you’re not clear about the complexities of the profession. Even if you do manage to clear the CPRNE Exam, putting off the ambiguities for later means you have a tough road ahead of you.

While studying, make sure to clear any confusions you come across with peers and professors. It takes a whole community to become a competent nurse, so don’t go at it alone.

A Partially Visible Nurse in Scrubs and Mask Sitting by a Wall, and Looking Down While Looking Visibly Depressed2.    Go Beyond the Required Reading

Everyone does their required reading, but not everyone ends up being the same kind of nursing professional. What you need is a slew of recommended readings to expand the breadth of your knowledge.

We suggest you do a pathophysiology book along with your required reading and join the best CPRNE review course in the country for a better understanding.

3.    Find Your Emotional Footing

Nursing is not for the faint of heart. COVID-19 only compounded the number of deaths and near-death scenarios nurses encounter every single day. If you thought that was all, think again. The long hours, stress, emotional toll, and sleep deprivation can add up to serious burnout.

Ask any experienced nurse, and they would suggest some sort of coping strategy. It could be meditation, breathing exercises, mental compartmentalization, and even therapy. All these are just different iterations of self-care, which you’ll have to incorporate to maintain proper work-life balance and mental health.

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