A Nursing Student’s Guide to Preventing Burnout

When enrolling in any licensed practical nurse school, it’s safe to assume that you’ve got tough days (and nights) in front of you. The program can be gruelling and can leave you feeling physically and mentally overwhelmed. Apart from classes, you also have to set aside time for homework and study. Plus, many nurses opt for weekend classes to get additional certifications which can further add to the load.

The good news is that balancing work, school, staying healthy, and having a social life is completely doable.

Here are some tips to prevent burnout and stay healthy during your time as a nursing student.

1. Exercise Regularly

After a hectic day of work and school, it’s not easy to take out time for a workout. It can be a struggle to figure out the right time for the gym at first. Try out different times to see what works for you. Some students find it easier to start the day earlier with a gym session, while others prefer to get a workout in towards the end of the day when they’re done with other responsibilities.

2. Sleep is essential

You cannot emphasize the importance of getting enough sleep. Getting good quality sleep at night has so many physical, emotional, and mental health benefits. Make sure you get your high-priority work done earlier during the day, so you’re not stressing about it later.

a tired nurse sitting on the floor of a hospital room3. Prep Meals Beforehand

Studying late often leads to poor eating habits—ordering takeout, frequent snacking, and lots of coffee. Taking time to prep meals on the weekend or earlier during the day can save you a lot of calories, not to mention a lot of money. With easily accessible healthy meals in the fridge, you’re less likely to order in.

4. Create Smart Study Habits

Studying for a Canadian registered nurse exam can be stressful. However, having a good study group and support system can help you get the motivation you need to power through. When you don’t have study guides or simple prep material, it can help to talk through the material with a friend or quiz each other after studying.

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