3 NCLEX Review Strategies to Adopt in 2023

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is the first step towards becoming a nurse for a nursing school graduate. It tests your knowledge and puts your practical skills to the (NCLEX-RN) test. Click here to learn more about this exam.

Let’s mark the new year with some new NCLEX prep strategies.

1. Write the Test Right After Graduation

It’s best to get your NCLEX examination over with right after completing your four-year nursing school degree when you’ve developed a rhythm and the information is still relatively fresh in your memory.

Your chances of passing the NCLEX drop with every attempt, so it’s important to ace it on your first attempt, which is only possible if you retain all the information. Treat this exam as a part of nursing school, and apply for it right away. Once you do that, you’ll only have to revise and familiarize yourself with the exam structure.

2. Give Yourself At least Three Months

It’s best to prepare for your test three months before test day. If you’ve taken the above advice, join our center in the three months leading up to your graduation. Don’t worry about studying twice as hard because NCLEX study materials aren’t all that different from nursing school study materials.

We also recommend treating your free hours as credit hours and solving at least 80 practice questions per day. The more questions you practice, the lower your chances of getting questions you’ve never seen or know the answer to.

Two Students Preparing Taking an NCLEX Review Course on their Laptops

3. Refrain from Rote Learning

You can prepare for your final-year exams and the NCLEX much faster if you understand all the answers instead of memorizing them. Rote learning isn’t meaningful because it gets old fast—that is not something you want to do in an ever-evolving field.

As important as it is to refrain from rote learning, you should never write experience-based answers. Instead, base your answers on evidence-based facts and research. The latter is a safer bet than the former, as there’s no guarantee that the other person will share your experience.

4. Join Modern Tech in Brampton, Ontario

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