Time Management Tips for Canadian Nursing Students

Nursing is arguably one of the most demanding professions out there, with the heavy burden of multiple responsibilities makes it seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day. It’s especially true for students who are on their way to earning their nursing degrees. Juggling online classes, clinical experiences, and simulation lab practices can cause students to burn out rather fast.

Here’s how you can organize your time to make nursing school a smoother ride:

Keep a strict schedule

Your brain’s capacity is being completely used up throughout the semester, so give it a break by setting reminders for yourself on electronic devices. Go through your syllabus for each class and input assignment deadlines, clinical hours, and exam dates to multiple planning devices, such as your smartphone or tablet. Automatic alerts will keep you up to date with any future tasks instead of having to go on memory alone.

Woman after getting her 4-year nursing degree

Meal planning

Staying hungry isn’t good for you in the long run. It can slow you down and leave you feeling sluggish as you try to get through the day’s tasks. Plan all of your meals and go grocery shopping once a week after creating a comprehensive shopping list. Prepare low-maintenance dishes such as roasts, casseroles, and soups to heat up and eat in your short meal breaks. Avoid wasting time preparing dinner every day from scratch.

You can also plan small meals to take along with you on campus if you don’t have time to go home. Pack some fruit, vegetable sticks, trail mix, or hummus along for the ride.

Limit your use of social media

As fun as it is to scroll through an endless number of memes for hours on end while you’re procrastinating on studying, it’s best to leave social media aside and hit the books. Limit the time that you spend on your phone, and train yourself into only logging into your accounts after you’re done with your work.

A tired nurse sitting on the floor

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