The NCLEX-RN Exam: Is it Really Hard to Pass?

The terror that’s felt by the examinee within the examination room has remained constant through the years, making it pretty much half the battle. Thereby, most students refer to the NCLEX-RN exam as a difficult and stressful milestone in nursing education.

The Pass Rate for NCLEX-RN

Passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) after graduating from a state-approved nursing school lodges you as a registered nurse (RN) who is qualified to provide patient care. Unfortunately, the exam itself has a reputation of being impossible to pass. But is it really that hard?

Not really; according to statistics, the percentage of candidates who passed the NCLEX-RN in the first attempt was a whopping 86.75. So, what you need to clear the exam in the first round is adequate preparation.

Examinees attending a paper in an examination roomWhy the Rumour Then?

NCLEX-RN requires critical thinking, which students often mistake for memorization of recommended materials. The computerized adaptive test (CAT) includes multiple-choice, select all that apply, order response, fill in the blanks for calculations or SATA questions — all of which you must understand to stay above the pass line of 95 percent. Three circumstances result in a failing score for NCLEX:

  1. You fail to answer a minimum of 75 questions within the 6 hours allotted time.
  2. You fail to display competency despite answering a maximum of 265 questions.
  3. The software determines that the examinee has scored poorly, making it impossible to recover the score despite having the maximum number of questions assigned. You may also fail the test if you answered fewer questions.

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A representation of providing patient care

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