Nursing: The Hospital Setting vs. Classroom Setting

The Practical Nursing program teaches a lot about the human body, patient care, and how to make smart decisions even in high-pressure situations. However, it’s only when we enter the hospital that practical learning truly begins.

It can be exciting to put all the knowledge and skills you’ve learned in nursing school to practice in a hospital setting. School is a safe zone where you can test out your skills on mannequins and friends, but in the hospital, the stakes are much higher.

Here are some of the most prominent differences between the hospital and classroom settings.

Mannequins vs. Patients

It’s obvious that nurses start out practising on mannequins in school and on real patients once they’re in the hospital setting. In the latter situation, even the best of nurses can falter. The power of touch and knowing that your actions will elicit a response from a living, breathing human being can be overwhelming.

Even something that you’re practised on mannequins a million times—such as inserting an IV—can be difficult if the patient is sensitive to the prick. Even in the hospital setting, you’re a student, and you’re still learning.

You Control Your Education

The best part about being a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is that you can choose to further develop your skills in a particular field. For instance, you can opt for wound care specialization that teaches you how to assess and analyze different would healing factors and what you can do to enhance the healing process.

Similarly, you can opt for pharmacology if you’re good at math and are interested in learning about medication assessment and administration.

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pharmacologist handling medication dosagesNo More Teachers to Fall Back On

In school, you have teachers there to guide you through every wrong move and every question. In a hospital setting—not so much. Of course, you have supervisors, head nurses, and doctors with you, but you’ve got to place more trust in yourself that you know what you’re doing.

What helps? Keeping an open mind, asking questions, and learning from your experiences to become a better nurse.

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