Everything You Need to Know about REx-PN™ Replacing CPNRE in 2022

If you’re linked to the nursing industry in Canada, you’ll know how the new REx-PN will replace CPNRE in 2022. Many candidates have questions about this decision. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this exam.

Why is It Replaced?

Two Canadian cities that continue to become subject to a booming population are British Columbia and Ontario. An increasing population has ultimately led to a rising number of nursing applicants in Canada, creating an urgency to develop effective resources to prepare them to serve and care for patients.

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The primary reason why the CPNRE is replaced by REx-PN is that it’s a flexible evaluation method that’ll be employed by the regulatory board to assess the applicant’s eligibility to acquire a nursing license in Canada. Furthermore, the board will better be able to handle a larger influx of applicants through REx-PN.

Furthermore, this new Practical Nurse exam consists of a more flexible quality of content that’ll be used to measure each candidate’s basic competencies and abilities to become a registered practical nurse.

The Major Differences between the Two

If there’s one factor that sets both exams apart from one another, it’s their test theories. In other words, the assessment methods are different in both exams.

The CPRNE was based on the classical testing strategy where an applicant can rely on luck to get their answers right. Candidates can also get the same questions if they decide to retake the CPRNE exam.

On the other hand, the REx-PN exam employs CAT to test candidates where each question is determined by their performance and success level in the previous questions. Furthermore, they won’t get the same questions since the CAT software will keep a check on the number of times they’re retaking the REx-PN.

How REx-PN is Beneficial

One of the benefits of REx-PN is that there’s no limit on the number of retakes for candidates, unlike the CPRNE exam that only allowed three retakes. Furthermore, people who couldn’t pass their CPNRE can take this exam.

Additionally, REx-PN allows candidates to receive their results and feedback faster than other exams.

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Now that you have all the details of what the new REx-PN™ exam means and why it’ll benefit you if you take it, you may be looking for a reliable nursing review centre with flexible scheduling, proper timings, and more.

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