Dealing with Unpredictable Clinicals in Nursing School

Clinicals come with sleepless nights and a great deal of stress. The entire ordeal can be frustrating as a whole but there are a few simple hacks you can do to make surviving nursing clinical easier. Keep reading!

Make Friends

You will need friends to get through this. Not only will they provide you with social and emotional support, but they’ll also help you with their knowledge and experience. Likewise, if you do get time, help them out as well. You’ll learn a lot from one another.

Bathroom Breaks

For nursing students, bathroom breaks are a hassle because there simply isn’t enough time. BUT you must schedule a few breaks so you don’t have to focus on the task at hand with a full bladder.

Task-Oriented Attitude

Set achievable goals for yourself, and prepare for them emotionally and physically. Clinicals are taxing because of all the stress they accompany. Here, you’ll need to have a growth mindset that is committed to learning more from each experience that you gain.

Ask Questions

Don’t forget to ask questions when they pop up, after all, you’re still a student. Sift through your pride and remember you’re here to learn as much as you can.

blue gloved hands

Avoid Distractions

Distractions and drama are very attractive, but you have to stay away from them. Don’t get involved at all as that can have serious repercussions on your performance.

Get Hands-On

Having a to-do attitude goes a long way. You have to be willing to take on challenges that will leave a lasting impression. Show up early, get your tasks done on time, and become a “yes” student all the way through.

Read Up Before Rotation

You’ll be tested at every chance by doctors and older nurses. To always be up-to-date, you need to read up before your rotation. Research your patient’s diagnosis before your shift starts, check what they need, and prepare necessary questions for your instructor.

Take Notes As Much As You Can

It sounds a little silly to carry a booklet and pen around, taking notes. But it is a necessary part of your training. You can always rely on your phone apps to take notes. It’s simply not possible to memorize everything. Don’t force yourself too much and just rely on note-taking. It’ll make life easier and more efficient.

Practice Health Habits

You need to be healthy for it to work out. Start prioritizing your health by getting enough sleep before clinicals, performing morning stretches, eating a balanced diet, and drinking enough water.

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