A Guide to Passing Your Nursing Jurisprudence Exam

You need to take a jurisprudence exam to qualify as a licensed practical nurse in most provinces of Canada. As a step that’s completely independent of the CPRNE for registered nurses and NCLEX-RN for registered practical nurses, this exam is an evaluation of how well you know the country’s nursing guidelines, laws, and practice standards.

Keep reading to learn what this is all about.

Exam Components

The components of your nursing exam and the jurisprudence exam are quite similar to each, with questions remaining the same whether you’re an RN aiming to be an RPN or vice versa.

You could be tested on:

  • Standard nursing practices.
  • Ethics
  • Nurse-patient dynamics
  • Nursing guidelines
  • Being responsible for your actions.

Exam Layout

A jurisprudence exam is usually divided into levels of difficulty, with the first one assessing the scope of your theoretical knowledge, the second seeing the way you apply that knowledge to relatively textbook situations, and the third one testing your performance and intervention in more complex scenarios.

A Nurse Reaching Inside an Incubator to Examine a Newborn BabyNature of the Exam

The jurisprudence exam is an online open-book test in which you’re required to answer around 150 multiple-choice questions within three hours. Seeing as you have about a minute to answer each question, you might as well come prepared.

Another thing you could do is go through the content in advance so that you know where to look when you come across a question you don’t know the answer to. You can also keep the data that’s harder to comprehend open on a nearby tab for quicker access.

The Right Time to Write the Exam

You can write your jurisprudence exam before or after you sit your CPRNE or NCLEX-RN. However, we suggest you take this exam first for two reasons:

  • It gears you up for the big exam.
  • There’s no limit on attempts.

Since you can only get your practice license after getting both exams out of the way, you’re better off starting with the easier one to reduce exam-day jitters on the day of your nursing exam.

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