6 FAQs about Practical Nursing

Practical nurses are unsung heroes who provide medical assistance and ensure that the healthcare system keeps running effortlessly.

These FAQs will give you a rundown of what practical nurses are, how they help improve patient care and some other FAQs about them.

1.    What are Practical Nurses?

Practical nurses or LPNs are healthcare professionals who provide premium patient care in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, etc. They’re licensed and recognized professionals who work in a medical or healthcare setting.

2.    What do Practical Nurses do?

Practical nurses work with and care for patients. They provide medical assistance, keep a record of patient histories, their progress, and their medication. Moreover, practical nurses help administer medication or supplements through IVs and also aid in taking a patient’s vital signs to ensure their optimum health.

3.    Do I need a special license to become a practical nurse?

Practical nurses are required to have an LPN diploma to qualify for the NCLEX exam. The NCLEX-PN exam is a nationwide standardized test that assesses the critical and analytical abilities of nursing students. Candidates who ace the exam are given the licensure to work as an LPN in healthcare facilities.

4.    How does a Practical Nurse differ from a Registered Nurse?

A practical nurse or LPN works under the supervision of a registered nurse. While a Registered nurse works directly with patients and schedules their procedures, a Licensed Practical Nurse assists in these tasks.

practical nurses assist registered nurses in hospitals5.    Is Practical Nursing a successful profession?

Practical nurses are needed in almost all healthcare facilities. From working at hospitals, clinics, surgical facilities, maternity wards to working in rehabilitation centers, practical nurses are needed almost everywhere.

Furthermore, these professionals can make a decent earning of $30 / hour and specialize in a medical specialty to improve their career prospects.

6.    How much do Practical Nurses get paid?

While practical nursing can be a hectic profession; however, practical nurses make a decent living. Practical nurses can make up to $30 / hour or earn a median annual salary of $56,665 in Canada.

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