What is Important to Millennial Nurses

Nurses have been around for decades. However, frequent advancements in nursing practices have also changed what millennial nurses need to perform their tasks efficiently today. If you’re an employer looking to recruit nurses, read on to learn what matters to millennial nurses today.

Professional Growth

Millennial nurses are a lot different than nurses from the previous generations. One of the many things they require from their nursing careers today is professional growth and development. They continue to look for employment opportunities where they can see themselves learning every day and professionally growing from it.

In other words, millennial nurses choose new experiences over redundancy. They’re more comfortable with exploring new ways of caring for patients, working together with physicians, travelling to provide care in places other than hospitals, and making the best use of every opportunity they get to grow professionally.

Enhanced Strengths

Another thing that many millennial nurses focus on today is their strengths. One of the most basic practices in healthcare has been to focus on people’s weaknesses. Today, millennial nurses don’t like to have their weaknesses discussed and are more inclined towards looking for ways to enhance what they already do best.

This increases the need for healthcare systems and organizations to conduct training sessions and organize events where nurses can embrace their strengths and prove how they can stand out among other nurses in healthcare.

Active Employer/Manager Involvement

Lastly, millennial nurses aren’t necessarily the biggest fans of hierarchical systems. While they accept and respect the idea of having a supervisor or manager to guide them, they expect their superiors to be just as involved in patient care as they are.

Millennial nurses believe in shared decision-making in healthcare. As a result, they looking for employers who tend to be actively involved in their nursing practices.

a nurse smiling at a patient

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