Starting a New Term on Practical Nursing

Starting your semester right is a crucial step in feeling like you’re in control of your environment and education. Reports show that motivation positively influences student engagement and enhances learning. That’s all the more reason to approach your new term with the right mindset.

Knowing just what to do to excel in nursing school can help you even when you fall since you have mentally prepared yourself to excel. Here are some steps that can set you off on the right path!

Pick Your Schedule Carefully

Nursing school is no piece of cake. You’re going to end up with extensive courses that require your full attention. You might be tempted to take as many classes as you can in a single day, but try to space things out.

Firstly, you should always space difficult classes out. This gives you enough breathing space in between to not only prevent burnout but also to ensure you’re retaining all the information you receive. Secondly, try to take classes with different study methods. Taking entirely practical classes or all lecture-based classes can feel monotonous. So, wherever you have the flexibility, switch things up!

Get Your Books and Supplies Early

Stack of books.Scrambling to get your books last minute will leave you in a state of frenzy or even cause you to accidentally forget important supplies. Try to get everything sorted two weeks earlier so that you’re not as stressed a few days before your classes.

In addition to getting your books and supplies early, you might want to start prepping for challenging courses earlier. Nothing too intensive! Just read through the course syllabus and tackle the first reading. Doing so will give you a head start in class which is incredibly beneficial when you’re juggling multiple courses. The last thing you want is to get overwhelmed from the get-go.

Research Your Professors

It’s every student’s dream to encounter a professor who is understanding, accommodating and great at what they teach. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for every faculty member you’ll encounter in nursing school. To avoid difficult professors, find reviews, so you know what you’re getting into.

However, reviews can only help so much. Sometimes you might get stuck with a professor whose teaching style doesn’t work well with you. In such instances, it’s best to get tutoring from top mentors such as Priya Basil.

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