To become an RPN (registered practical nurse)
To become an RPN (registered practical nurse)

To become an RPN (registered practical nurse):

(Registered Practical Nurse Exam) is the Canadian Practical registered nurse licensing examination. The Canadian Practical registered Nurse examination is a computerized exam that is comprised of multiple-choice questions and consist of 165-175 questions. The nurses generally have to pass out a BSN degree that takes approx four years to complete. Then they will have to apply for masters or doctorate program or another specific degree that makes a nurse eligible to take RPN exams. Finally, after completing the degree, you will have to pass the RPN exam to become a practical nurse.

Program Overview:

Priya Basil designed the Modern Tech Nursing RPN Preparation Program for the dynamic Canadian nursing graduates and for the international nurses who have a desire to become a Canadian Registered Practical Nurse (RPN). After the completion of this preparation program, students will further be prepared to take the CPRNE Examination for Registered Practical Nurses. Modern Tech Nursing prepares an extensive number of nursing graduates every year to pass this test.

Program Length: Approximately two months

Study Plan: 4 follow ups+ 21 Class Lectures + 6 Mock exams and 1: 1 discussion with Priya Basil

Tuition fee: Your Total Course fee will cover your all three attempts. Some additional charges may be applicable