Nursing Exam Success: 4 Practices You Should Avoid at All Costs

The rule of thumb to pass any Canadian nursing exam is prep. If you don’t study and revise the reading material, your performance in both the actual and practice exam can take a serious hit.

Avoiding the following mistakes can also make it easier for you to become a nurse in Canada.

1.    Rushing the Exam

Three attempts may seem like a cushion initially, leading you to rush your first attempt. Just know that you need to be mentally prepared to go into the most important exam of your life.

So, treat every attempt like it’s your last and only sit down when you’ve not only prepared well in advance but also feel confident that you can give it 100%.

2.    Bypassing the Basics

While it’s true that you’re not directly asked any questions related to pathophysiology, you have to be aware of a disease’s underlying pathophysiology to analyse questions related to it.

A Faceless Person Filling the “A” Slot of the First Question on an Answer Sheet Form3.    Skimming Over the Questions

A question can fool you with how similar it looks to the one you solved during a practice exam. Even something as minor as switching the arrangement of a sentence can change its meaning, which can render your analysis completely useless.

Read the question at least three times. Only after you’re clear on what it’s about should you apply your knowledge and assessment skills to the case you’ve been handed.

4.    Having Set Expectations

Here’s how many questions one must answer for every nursing exam:

  • 165 to 170 for the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE)
  • At least 75 and at most 265 for the National Council Licensure Exam – Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) and Licensed Practical Nurse Exam. (LPN-NCLEX)

Even after you’re done answering the minimum that’s required in your exam, the window won’t close until your time is up. The important thing to do here is to keep giving your best even after you’ve crossed the minimum threshold. It’s okay to do more, as long as you don’t do it half-heartedly.

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