5 Common Questions about the Competency Assessment Supplement (CAS)

When you apply to the best colleges for nursing, you might be asked to complete a Competency Assessment Supplement or CAS to practice as a nurse in Canada. The decision is reached after a thorough evaluation of your past nursing education and work experience in the field.

If you have a CAS coming up, the following answered questions might help clear out some confusion.

1.    What Happens If I Refuse to Complete the CAS?

Since you’re expected to supplement the areas of your application through the CAS, a refusal to do so without a reasonable explanation would only waste your time.

You can absolutely appeal to the relevant committee of the college to review your application, but they’ll likely reject your registration outright or sustain their original demand.

2.    What are the Standard Educational Criteria to Avoid CAS?

It’s more about meeting the North American standard than having documentation to prove you’re on the same footing as an average nursing graduate in this country.

For instance, foreign nurses may not measure up to locally trained ones as far as skills, critical abilities, and experience goes. Similarly, any applicant who hasn’t studied or worked in Canada for a while, or intends to return to the profession after a long hiatus could be asked to complete a CAS.

Computer-Generated Image of a Nurse Administering a COVID-19 Vaccine to a Masked Person3.    Is there a Set Deadline for Completing CAS?

Different colleges have their own deadlines on completing CAS, with some keeping them open for months while others revisiting them after a year or so.

While there is no standard, you’re advised to turn in your CAS soon after the start date and close instead of leaving it open if you don’t intend to complete it.

4.    Are their Alternatives to CAS?

There aren’t any direct alternatives to CAS. However, you can supplement the gaps in your application by taking an additional course or getting some work or volunteering experience in your practice.

Upon reviewing the additional transcripts or certification, the college might decide to retain their request for CAS or acknowledge the fact that you’ve filled the spaces in your education or practical experience.

5.    How Can a Nursing Review Center Help with CAS?

As far as Modern Tech Nursing Review Center is concerned, nursing candidates can enroll in our CAS Workshop for quick 10-day training on what to expect and how best to prepare for CAS.

For those considering other assessments, we also have programs for the Canadian registered nurse exam, LPN-NCLEX review, and OSCE review, to name a few.

Contact us to ace your nursing exam.

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