3 Things you need to know before choosing nursing as a profession

“I attribute my success to this; I never gave nor took any excuse.” —Florence Nightingale

Nursing is a noble profession as said by Florence nightingale, and the people around the world have massive it. But it is not that easy to become a nurse in today’s day and age. It requires a lot of factors while you study and then practice as a nurse. So it is recommended by all to consider some traits before going to nursing school. Below are some facts that many people may be unaware of. These pointers will let you know the things to remember before choosing nursing as a profession.

The sacrifice:

The first thing that people are unaware of is the sacrifice. How much sacrifice is needed in order to become a registered nurse? Nurses sacrifice a lot of time to study in their programs. No party at weekends, less time for caring for personal leisure, low social life. It is a big sacrifice at the end of the day. The people who want to be a nurse really need to make up their mind before stepping into the nursing school. They have to study with a mindset that the patient’s life is in their hands, and they have to live this fact, so it needs a lot of sacrifices.

Nursing is not a fairytale:

The second thing is that you need to know that the nursing profession is not a utopia. No butterflies and rainbows are present in nursing school. People have a different perception of nursing courtesy the image portrayed by films and dramas. But it is far from reality. It is the profession that holds a big responsibility. People have no idea what nurse does day in and day out, and so whenever they get into nursing school, even in nursing school, they have to go through a lot. Every day is not stressful though; sometimes, you have only two patients in 12 hours and other times, you may have a whole lot of people to be taken care of. It is a real responsibility on a nurse’s shoulders to be attentive and make sure to perform all tasks with perfection.

It is a blessing:

The third and most vital need to know is that the nursing profession is a blessing. Being able to take care of the people in their most critical situations. Seeing them with recoveries and get discharged and going to a healthy life after surviving some worst cases is such a blessing. People are usually scared and fearful of being admitted to the hospitals, but when nurses care for them and assist doctors in gaining them recovery.
To be able to be the person who is there mediating the whole process, easing the transition, facilitating the healthcare and being an advocate of the people getting discharged on time happily is a big blessing and this is the best trait for considering to become a nurse.